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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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credits program, as recommended by staff, and in the net new impacted uses. grandfather it full 2014. commissioner sugaya: at 90%, or 100? vice president wu: for all areas? >> at 100%, for the policy credit list. i think it is hard to say. if policy makers at the board want to change that, that is my motion -- commissioner borden: commissioner sugaya: second. commissioner antonini: does that include the recommendations of the office of small business? >> the policy credit is in there for 1000 square feet and takes care of the problem. commissioner antonini: also, provision one. there were situations. commissioner borden: i did not
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even think about that. it is really actually -- commissioner antonini: could we get rep -- commissioner borden: i just realized. commissioner antonini: there are two things being presented, so i wanted to make sure we could address your concerns. >> there is confusion with emotion. ideally, the primary recommendation was to maintain the 3000 square foot threshold at that level, and maintain the five years. but the commission wanted to give flexibility to policy makers, recognizing the program would achieve similar additional benefits by raising it from 3000 to 5000. even though there is some contradiction in our motion, i think it was done intentionally to allow policy makers to have some flexibility. commissioner borden: 3 reading it, it's as non-formula retail
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in a vacant space. >> i would defer to planning, but that is taken from the text of the code. i believe our motion should be consistent. commissioner borden: that is not in conflict? >> no. commissioner moore: to clarify, you are taking from the latter point number 1, the special order use. commissioner borden: there are conflicting things. policy is saying it would make the threshold change. separately, the policy credit program would allow us to basically, even though the threshold change, people would get their credits for it. >> my understanding, listening to the discussion at the small business commission, their preference was, do not change it. if you are going to, introduce a
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policy credits program. commissioner borden: the question for us is which way we prefer. the tsp goes to the more restrictive level, to 800 gross square feet. obviously, we are not the final approval, so it could change again. if we recommend, and it goes forward with a lower threshold, which i think we all support, what does that mean? will the tsp the re-evaluated? there is no conflict, is there? >> i think the goal has been for the tidf to be aligned with the tsp, to the extent possible. since it does not include the credits program, the preferred approach would be to allow the policy credits program to move
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forward with the 5000 gross square foot cap. the concern is if you lower the 3000 square foot threshold to 800 square feet, projects which would not be subject to the fee would now be subject to the fee. with a 100% fee credit, the projects would not be subject up to 5000 gross square feet. if that is accomplishing the same objective and could be in the alignment, that would be preferred. commissioner borden: that was my original motion. i wanted to make shirt there was not a conflict because of the language around vacant space, in particular space that might be transitioning. i do not know if that was a thought. it sounds like they are fine with the policy credits. it sounds like everybody is fine with that as a policy approach. commissioner antonini: just to clarify, so i am clear on this,
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it seems as though if we implement point two from the small business commission, which i believe is part of the motion the commissioner has made, it actually takes care of number one. most of the smaller non-formula retail businesses -- am i correct? two is taking care of one. it is an either-or situation, but it looks like two takes care of almost all instances where businesses would be -- >> the program does specifically say non-formula retail. it would be subject to the fee. anything above 3000 gross square feet. under the second recommendation, anything above 800 gross square feet. commissioner antonini:
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presumably, they would be able to pay that. i do not think it would discourage them from going in, because there are a lot of fees going in. i do not see a problem with that. commissioner borden: a final question, related to the charitable and non-profit -- not all nonprofits are exempt from property taxes. i am kind of concerned about that. >> it is a little bit below my area of knowledge. if you are a 501 c three, -- 501c3, you are probably exempt. commissioner borden: it sounds
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like most nonprofits would not get the fee because of that charitable exemption. >> but that exemption is proposed to be eliminated with the tsp. therefore, the need for the grandfathering to allow some time. >> the motion is to approve the recommendation with the policy credits program. commissioner borden: it is also on page 13. >> the motion on the floor is for approval that identifies the small business commission. commissioner borden: adding the grandfathering to 2014. >> as stated by commissioner
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gordon. >> i have a clarification. there were five recommendations made, in terms of modifications the policy credits program and the grandfathering -- you have added new fees. there were recommendations to include a five-year time frames for inactive uses. commissioner borden: staff recommendation -- adding the policy credit and the grandfathering period -- >> on the motion.
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commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. vice president wu: aye. >> thank you, commissioners. that motion passed unanimously. vice president wu: i am going to ask for a 20 minute recess. >> the commission is taking a 20 minu >> good afternoon. the item before you is a request for a conditional use authorization. it is in a one-story commercial
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building. the proposed restaurant is approximately 2004 hundred 80 square feet. -- 2004 hundred 80 square feet -- 2480 square feet. the proposal involves interior and exterior improvements to the space. with no expansion to the existing building envelope. the restaurant would offer contemporary california french cuisine. the project sponsor may considering make consider adding launched service or it added extra day was the restaurant is established.
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since the distribution of the case reports, the planning department has received additional public comment on the proposal. the planning department has received about 30 support letters. a petition with 60 signatures of support. 20 letters of opposition. the project sponsor will provide response to the neighborhood concerns in their presentation. the planning department staff is recommending that the proposed project be approved with conditions. this concludes my presentation. vice president wu: thank you. project sponsor? >> good afternoon,
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commissioners. we have been working on this conditional use. they are in escrow to buy this property. if this is approved, they plan to conclude the purchase and open their own restaurant. i would like to recap the little bit about the restaurant. the support from the neighborhood has been considerable. we have read every letter of concerns. they mostly deal with parking, malaise. we will address all of those. the support has been very strong. the petition is 60 merchants in the district. there are about 80 in the
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district. it was universal support from the merchants. we got a letter from the person who was the last president of the merchants association. and one from the pacific heights residents' association of support. i would like to briefly recap the description of the project. it sounds bigger than its is. there is a main dining room, a 40-45 seats. they had a private room in the back. mainly, their business would be 40-45 seat area. it is a neighborhood restaurant, planned for local patrons.
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it is very high quality establishment. nicklaus has extraordinary credentials as a chef. all of the seating is indoors. there is no outdoor seating. they're starting by opening up five nights a week. they may add a sixth if they do well. it may open for lunch a couple of days if they do well. they're planning to close at 10:30 in the evening. they're applying for a beer and wine license only. desire for a quiet dining experience. no change in the existing envelope of the building. the mechanical system for the kitchen will be designed by one of the most experienced mechanical engineers in town. this is the kind of family owned establishments that you might find walking in a quiet district in paris. i'm going to introduce andrea
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nicolaus. i will talk about -- thank you. >> i need to speak into the microphone, right there. >> to give you a brief overview of the project, and then i will address some of the concerns. we are in a skirt to buy the property. it has been a year -- we are in escrow to buy the property. it has been a year since we have
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started looking for restaurant space. we wanted a specific neighborhood and a specific atmosphere for restaurant. we think the sacramento neighborhood commercial district does that. we would like to have a small cozied inviting restaurant that offers dining to the neighbors where they can pop in on a wednesday evening after work or come in during the week and hopefully become regulars. as janet mentioned, the space we have planned to be about a 40-45 seats in the main dining area and probably a private dining room for a special occasion or big parties of summer between 12 -- somewhere between 12 and 16 people.
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the building itself is just over 2400 square feet. we can accommodate quite a bit more diners than the 40-46, but we do not want that. we do not want to do a high- volume in and out traffic type of business. we prefer to spend the time with each diner and that is why we want to limit it to the 40-46 in the beginning. in terms of the food -- in terms of the atmosphere, i should probably talk about that. we want to give the diner is a high-quality exceptional food, exceptional service, but in a more in by a team and approachable atmosphere. we will look at a price point
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of somewhere between $4.80 dollars per% depending on how much wine they consume -- $40.80 dollars per person depending on how much when they consume. we do not want to cultivate a bar scene. we want the line to be more of an accompaniment to the food. -- what the wind to be more of an accompaniment to the food. >> my food is easier to eat then put words on it. it is california french cuisine.
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the produce that north california offers. that is why i call it california and that influence. i have been working in canada and australia and the here. it is nice to have all these experiences. that is what i call it a french californian. i'll be changing with the seasons. i like to walk around markets and give my inspiration from it. i like my restaurants to have
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regular us, so i do not want them to get bored. i do not like to get bored, either. i like to create stuff. that would be the food. in terms of the restaurant, by controlling the number of people, ai have been trained in fine dining. from what i learned, the way you care for every plate. that is why i want something small so that we can care about everything we do. in my dream restaurant, that
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would be comfortable. >> this is our dream restaurant we're trying to put together. hopefully, the neighborhood will embrace it. in buying the building, we very much want to be good neighbors and contribute to the atmosphere of the neighborhood. do i only have 15 more seconds and then we are done? we have seen some concerns. we do not expect a boisterous crowd.
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the parking concerns, hopefully, people will walk. vice president wu: thank you. if commissioners have questions, they will ask. >> thank you. vice president wu: is there any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. i am a resident in the pacific heights community. i have lived there for 10 years. i live about four blocks from the proposed site of this restaurant. mach i am in support of this restaurant in the neighborhood -- i am in support of this restaurant in the neighborhood. it is a great neighborhood. one of the things it is lacking is a lot of food choices.
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most the restaurant that are take out focused. having more options in the neighborhood would be a good thing. it is not only the residents that define its character, but the businesses. based on the proposal in front of you today, this is a restaurant that would fit in with the neighborhood and will enhance the neighborhood. if it is successful, which i hope it is, i think it is a place that people will want to revisit over and over and it is very much in concert with the look and feel of the neighborhood. i plan on walking there, so i do not see the issue of traffic or parking being an issue for many of us who are looking for something like this. thank you very much. vice president wu: thank you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i have a small statement. i am a business owner on the same block as the restaurant. it is my strong belief that opening a new restaurant in our block is not only a fantastic addition to our neighborhood, all of our neighbors have only had the opportunity to eat the same dishes and only to restaurants. it is crucial and vital for many of my fellow entrepreneurs in the immediate surroundings. i opened my business on sacramento street at about 10 years ago. the change from a thriving and distinguished high-end retail shopping area into a block where retailers will open a store and could only stay in business for the term of their lease.
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or -- it is crucial for the retailers that they will be able to open up their restaurant. any extra traffic is very much desired. all of us -- peaking in to the windows to see our new displays, hoping for him to come back the next day to buy something. we are very much looking forward to having them joining our block. creating an opportunity for us to survive during these hard times. i also have heard concerned
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about parking. sacramento st., in my opinion parking is not any different than any other street in san francisco. yes, you might have to circle once or twice. there is no store or restaurant on clay street. i did not find it -- again, i dare to speak for all of the business owners and our neighborhood, it is crucial for all small businesses that they are allowed to open up the restaurant. please allow for them to fill their american dream. -- fulfilled their american dream. vice president wu: any further public comment? public comment is closed. commissioner borden: this sounds
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like a delightful project. i was wondering who would oppose this project. if you have -- i have a very good friend who lives on clay street. it is shocking that there are so few restaurants in that corridor. it is one of the few active restaurants. magic flute is great for brunch. i can name all the restaurants in two seconds. there are not a lot of restaurants. that is shocking, given the number of people who live in the area. it tells me there is a desire in the neighborhood for people to have high-quality places to go. if you do choose to go to
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dinner, you will find that those restaurants are pretty crowded. i am a very familiar with that space. i think that block, in particular, it is a nice addition to have this restaurant because it helps drive traffic to that a theater, which is owned by the san francisco neighborhood theater foundation. i think it could be a symbiotic relationship in helping to help that theater as well as the street in general. which is quite dead at night time. to me, if you talk about necessary and desirable, this fits the bill. i would move to approve.
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>> second. commissioner antonini: as i heard this described, i thought, what a perfect addition to sacramento streets. certain streets have a certain field to them and sacramento street has a sophisticated -- a field sophisticated dining. it will be a great complement to the restaurants that were already mentioned. something that is not there now in the type of food that it presents. i think -- i really like going there. i think the worry couple of letters that thought about possible disruptions. -- i think there were a couple letters that about possible disruptions. there are people standing